We Must Stop Trump From Taking Over the Supreme Court

Trump and his billionaire friends now control two of three of the branches of government. The judiciary is our last line of defense. The one power the Democratic Party holds at the federal level is that of filibustering Supreme Court nominees in the U.S. Senate. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has indicated that Democrats will filibuster Judge Gorsuch's nomination. Each and every Senate Democrat must now join the pledge to filibuster and to stop Trump’s pick from joining the Supreme Court.

Failing to filibuster Gorsuch would mean lights out for our democracy, for our climate, for civil rights, workers rights, and reproductive rights. All Senate Democrats must pledge, without equivocation, to protect the Supreme Court and our democracy from Trump’s agenda of hatred and greed. Add your name now to support the Democratic filibuster and demand that all Democratic senators join the effort.